higher ed 2 copy

The Higher-Ed Conundrum  (Part 1)

higher ed 1

The Higher-Ed Conundrum (Part 2)

Educational institutions and business must realize that the status quo of high tuition followed by mismatching employment or unpaid internship options is preventing the creation of a sustainable workforce, and often not attracting the larger pool of competent and talented workers. There needs to be more focus on helping students have an affordable education, and making them productive members of a skilled workforce sooner and less expensively. This map posits a partnership model that could potentially siphon pressure away from the growing economic bubble.



lota map digital

Limits of the Diaphane,  2012

Based on a distillation and extraction of Charles and Ray Eames’ design analysis of the Lota, an Indian vessel they greatly admired, this map explores relationships between underlying principles of design.

design map

Core considerations of design

soda ban map

Bloomberg’s Soda Ban, in context

This map looks at what the soda ban is attempting to solve within a much larger system that encompasses everything from federal agriculture subsidies to urban poverty.



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