Inviting Entropy: Re-Evaluating the Effects of Coastal Forces through Sculpture

Installation at the Bowdoin Coastal Studies Center, 2007 (Rusack Fellowship)

This collection of sculptures arose from my interest in temporality – relationships between change and time and motion – and especially the relationship between creation and entropy. There is an intrinsic element of futility in process of creation that is both exhausting and challenging; we create something ordered that will inevitably become part of chaos; at the moment of creation begins the decomposition.

My first pieces were based on computer-generated drawings of attractors, which serve as visual explanations of patterns in the seemingly random behavior of a given system (such as the rapidly changing interactions occurring on the coast). For my purposes, such a structure invalidates the distinction between an ordered and a chaotic world. The processes of decay and reclamation became as integral a part of the piece as the object itself.











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